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My family recently had the opportunity to try this fantastic new drink called Fruit2Day. Fruit2Day comes in very eye catching bottles that are just seem to fit perfect in the hand. One bottle of Fruit2Day drink is the same as eating 2 fruits per day.fruit2day


We do try to eat fruit in our house, but there are times when it just seems impossible to get it in. Since finding these great little drinks, that is never a problem anymore! When I first opened it up, I wasn’t sure what to expect. For some reason, I was thinking it would be a thick consistency similar to a smoothie but that is not the case. It is thin like juice, but you get these wonderful surprises in your mouth. There are actually real fruit pieces in this drink. It really adds to the drink in my opinion.

Ofcourse, I can’t be the only one in the family to review the product eventhough I wish that were the case. I let the kids and my husband try them also and they were a hit with everyone!

Fruit2day provides natural fruit nutrition without peels, pits, bruising, spoiling or even sticky fingers.

Fruit2day Facts:

  • All-Natural – Fruit2day is made with a combination of real fruit
  • pieces, fruit puree and fruit juice without any added sugar or preservatives.
  • Portioned Nutrition – Each bottle of Fruit2day packs in two servings of fruit and antioxidants in 6.75 ounces, with only 110 – 120 calories, depending on the flavor. It is an excellent source of vitamin C that provides consumers half of their daily fruit requirements, giving them nutritious snack anytime of the day.
  • Portable – Fruits that need to be peeled, pitted, sliced or eaten with a fork make it difficult for people to eat on-the-go. Fruit2day’s portable bottle is perfectly suited for anytime, fruit snacking.

Fruit2day can be found in grocery stores, natural food stores, and mass merchandisers.

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This is solely the opinion of As They Grow Up. Other people may have different experiences with the product.Thank you to Fruit2Day for providing a product to test.

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