Groundhog Day Activities and Crafts

With all the excitement of Groundhog Day being just around the corner, we added a few Groundhog Day activities to our day. I wonder if Punxsutawney Phill will see his shadow this year? I for one am hoping that he doesn’t. We’ve had a cold winter in the South this year, and I’m ready for a Spring to arrive!

Groundhog Day Activities:

We crafted little groundhog faces using different shapes, but they didn’t want to stop there.  They decided to make it into headbands so they could wear around.  They have had a blast with them.  Here’s the groundhog face template we used for those.Groundhog Day Activity
After that, we also made little groundhog cups. I was really surprised that my eight-year old wanted to join in on this one.  It’s such a super easy activity.  We basically used what we had on hand.  Here is our template for that one.groundhog in a cup
Of course you want wait to see the results with a prediction snack, so we made these cute little snacks to share with friends.  Here is our template for those.  These would be perfect for a party or co-op class as a special little treat.  groundhog day cookies
Last but not least, because they love puppets, we had fun making groundhog puppets using the brown lunch bags, construction paper and googly eyes.  You can make your own and be creative as you would like, or print a template.  We really enjoyed doing both. groundhog day bag

Books We Have Enjoyed:

groundhog day books
Groundhog Day! -Every February 2, people all across the country wonder about the groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil. Will he see his shadow on that day or won’t he? Will spring come early or late? Here is information about Groundhog Day, its origins, and the animal at the center of this delightful annual event.
Ten Grouchy Groundhogs : TEN GROUCHY GROUNDHOGS is a hilarious countdown story about a den of grouchy, grubby, gobbling, gabby, giggly, groovy, graceful, glitzy, gleeful, groggy groundhogs getting ready for their great big day.
Grumpy GroundhogIt’s Groundhog Day, and everyone is gathered to find out if it’s time for spring. But Groundhog does NOT want to leave his cozy bed in his cozy den. Will the townspeople be able to coax him outside to do his job? Kids will love the humorous antics of Groundhog in this delightful rhyming tale from the author of Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep.
Who Will See Their Shadows This Year?
It’s February 2 and all the animals are tired of winter. But why should the groundhog always be famous for seeing his shadow? Who else wants to try? A chicken? A polar bear? A camel? None of those seems quite right. So who will see their shadows this year?
Groundhog Weather School :The must-have book for Groundhog Day?and the rest of the year! With pop-art illustrations, a tongue-in-cheek tone, and a riot of detail, kids learn all the important aspects of Groundhog Day. And where better to learn it than Groundhog Weather School!
Go to Sleep, GroundhogWhen Groundhog is unable to sleep, he experiences autumn and winter holidays he never knew about, and then he finally falls asleep before Groundhog Day.

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