Into the Forest Gymini Deluxe Playmat

Summer can easily get packed full of fun family activities. Add in twin boys and a newborn baby, and let’s face it…it can quickly become hectic. However, we aren’t the type of family that will three, under three prevent us from heading out and enjoying the beautiful weather. Planning ahead of time is a must, especially with a three-month-old. Extra change of clothes, diapers, wipes, and even his little Into the Forest Gymini Deluxe Playmat from Tiny Love is a must. I wouldn’t dare leave the house without it, especially if we’re planning a day at the park or even a mini-vacation. This is baby Sloan’s favorite and such a great way for him to be able to stretch out and enjoy his day.

As They Grow Up received the Into the Forest Gymini Deluxe Playmat to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own.

Into the Forest Gymini Deluxe Playmat

Before I get into the list of things we make sure to bring for a day at the park, I have to tell you more about the Into the Forest Gymini Deluxe playmat. Seriously this playmat is amazing!

Gymini Deluxe Playmat

The Into the Forest Gymini Deluxe playmat is a 2-in-1 activity mat that features 7 developmental wonders such as motor skills, the senses, and visual and auditory cognition. One of my favorite parts about this mat, is the adjustable arches design. When baby Sloan does his tummy time, we raise the arches up so the toys won’t get in his way, but he can still enjoy looking at himself in the attached mirror. During floor time though, we lower the arches to encourage him to reach and play with the toys.

The playmat has an electric bird toy with engaging lights and music feedback, including 30 minutes of music and 20 different tunes. Not only that, but you can take the electric bird toy as an adorable take-along.

The Into the Forest Gymini Deluxe Playmate also features

» Crinkly Badger Blanket
» Machine washable mat
» Crinkly peek-a-boo game
» Shiny satin ribbons
» Rattling and jittering soft fawn toy
» Easy-grip squeaker
» Mirror for extended tummy time
» Innovative arch connector

With all the different toys and activities available with mat, your little one is sure to have fun. Little Sloan’s favorites change daily, but he seems to really enjoy the fawn toy most of all.Gymini Deluxe Playmat

Overall we have been very pleased with this activity mat. It’s easy to put and take down, the adjustable arches are amazing, and what really matter?? Little Sloan loves it (and do his twin one-year-old brothers).

Day At The Park Packing List

As promised, here is a list of items that we always make sure we have when heading to the park.

Blanket and/or chairs

Not all parks have picnic tables and those that do seem to fill up pretty quick. We always make sure to keep a picnic blanket in the vehicle for park days. It’s perfect for just relaxing on or enjoying a picnic lunch. For the little guy, we also make sure we pack his little playmat. It’s a great way to entertain him while his brother’s run around having fun.

Picnic Lunch or Snacks

It’s always fun to plan a park visit around snack or lunchtime.  Sure, it adds a little more work for parents, but what kid doesn’t enjoy a picnic at the park.  It’s such a fun way for them to refuel and enjoy the day even more.

Hand Sanitizer and/or wipes

Whether having a picnic, bringing a snack or just there to have fun. Hand sanitizer or wipes are a must. 

Reusable Water Bottle

We always make sure to bring our reusable water bottles everywhere we go. They come in hand, and most places these days do offer a refilling station which is nice. Just in case though, we make sure to place extra water in the cooler.

First-Aid Kit

Let’s face it. There’s going to be scrapes and bruises when it comes to kids. I learned a long time ago that it’s worth keeping just a small first-aid kit in my bag for those just in case times. We usually have a larger one that stays in the car, but it’s just so much easier when we have one in the bag as well.

Mosquito repellent

Living in the South during the summer months, this is a MUST! It’s almost impossible to walk out of the house without getting attacked by gnats and mosquitoes. I always keep one by the door at our house and one is always in our bag ready to go.


This is a must. We always keep a sunblock in our “park” bag so that it’s ready to go.


You’re probably thinking why bring toys when you’re heading to the park? That’s a simple question to answer. It’s because the boys have their favorite toys that they love. Balls, buckets and trucks. These aren’t readily available at the park, and they love bringing them so they can run and play in the open area.

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