Hoover Platinum Collection Stick Vac

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With two teenagers and a toddler there seem to always be a mess some place in the house. There are times when things are dropped, spilled or simply thrown down and I just don’t have the time to bring out the broom.

Recently I found the answer to this problem with the a stick vacuum from the new Hoover Platinum Collection line. This StickVac is amazing to say the least! Just the other day, my son had decided to dump out a bucket of sand he brought back to the beach. Where did he feel he needed to dump it out at? Ofcourse it was the kitchen floor. I let him have fun in it since he had already created the mess, but was not looking forward to sweeping up sand out of the floor.

I went to the laundry room and grabbed the Hoover Stick Vac and it took less than a minute from getting it to putting it back away. It picked up the sand extremely well, but it doesn’t stop there. For this vacuum to be so light weight and small in size, I am constantly amazed at what all it can clean off of a hard floor.

Here is a little video I decided to take of the sand being cleaned out of the floor.

The new Hoover Platinum Collection Cordless Cleaning System combines cordless convenience with an interchangeable Lithium Ion battery system. Can you believe that one interchangeable 18 Volt Lithium Ion battery powers every vacuum in this cordless system for the ultimate in versatility, run time, and cleaning performance.

The Cordless Stick Vac is super light weight and so easy to pull out and ready to use. I love that it has a battery indicator light so I always know how much battery life I have left between usage. Not only will it pick up spills and messes great on hard floor, but just yesterday my son (yes once again) dumped out his Fruity Pebbles on the carpet. It picked up every piece of the Fruity Pebbles in a matter of seconds.

This is one powerful little vacuum and I love that it is cordless. Also, no worries about getting around the edge of the walls either. The edge-cleaning bristles do all the work, so I never have to go back behind myself to use a broom.

Features of the Hoover Platinum Cordless Stick Vac

  • Lithium Ion battery technology provides long runtime with fade free power.
  • Intuitive fingertip controls allow you to turn the brushroll ON or OFF depending on the task.
  • Six year limited warranty on vacuum. Two year limited warranty on battery and charger.
  • Edge cleaning bristles and an ultra-thin sidewall pick up dirt close to baseboards and walls.
  • The dirt cup is easy to remove and features a bottom-empty design to keep your hands clean.
  • Cyclonic filtration in the dirt cup separates the debris and helps prevent clogging of the filter for sustained suction power.
  • The world’s first cordless stick vac to feature Hoover’s patented WindTunnel Technology™.
  • Battery level indicator shows remaining battery life.
  • Unique opening in base of nozzle sucks in large debris rather than pushing it around the floor.
  • The same LiNX Battery powers both the Hoover Platinum Collection Hand and Stick Vacuum. The LiNX Li-ion Battery provides fade free power with a fast 3 hour charge time.

The Hoover Platinum Collection Stick Vacuum can be purchased for $179.99




This is solely the opinion of As They Grow Up. Other people may have different experiences with the product.Thank you to Hoover for providing a product to test.

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