How To Help Prevent Constipation In Children

Knowing how to help prevent constipation in children is just as important as knowing how to treat it.  

how to help prevent constipation in children

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How To Help Prevent Constipation In Children

In a recent study, sixty-five percent of parents (of children aged 2 – 11) admit to treating their children’s constipation with an adult laxative. While this may seem a like a good idea at the time. There have been reports of sides effects in children, like behavioral and speech issues, resulting from one of the main ingredients in adult laxatives. The following tips are ways that can help prevent constipation in your child.

Drink Plenty of Water

Making your child eats a healthy diet is important, but also make sure they are drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

Include Fiber

Did you know that most kids (and even adults) don’t get the recommended fiber daily? To add fiber to your child’s diet, encourage foods like broccoli, beans, peas, fruits, etc.

Limit Processed Foods

Kids that tend to eat a lot of processed food, white bread, and cheese may tend to experience constipation fairly often.

Encourage Exercise

Exercise is great for overall health. Getting them up and moving also helps kids bowl function.

Set A Routine Potty Schedule

Establishing a routine potty schedule is very important. Especially when dealing with younger children. Encourage your child to use use the toilet first thing in the morning and after every meal and snack.

When they need something morePedialax

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