I Am Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks Mini Unit Study
As you know, we have been using the series, Ordinary People Change the World as part of our unit studies.  This past week, we focused on Rosa Parks.  I am Rosa Parks is fantastic!  They learn about the history of Rosa Parks without feeling overwhelmed, and there is just enough humor in the illustrations that keeps their attention.  Not only does my five-year old enjoy this series, but surprisingly so does my eight-year old.

I am Rosa Parks (Ordinary People Change the World)I am Rosa Parks (Ordinary People Change the World)


Rosa Parks always stood up for herself, even as a child.  It was a time in America when laws weren’t fair to black people: If you were black, you weren’t allowed to use the same schools, restaurants, or even water fountains  On city buses, dark skin meant you had to ride in the back; only white people were allowed up front.  But Rosa knew that everyone deserved the same respect and rights, and so she dared to stay seated on a bus one day when the driver told her to get up for a white rider.  With quiet determination, she ignited a Civil Rights movement that ended up changing our country’s unfair laws forever.   .


Rosa Parks Bus Craft
We did a few different activities with Rosa Parks to continue learning.  We of course had to make a bus.  As I have mentioned a few times, I am not an artist. With that being said, we used clip art and created us a bus template.  We printed it out on card stock, colored, cut and folded down the middle.  This allowed the bus to stand on it’s own.

We also did a couple of copy worksheets to introduce them a few Rosa Parks quotes. We also did word find, alphabetical order and much more!


>>>>Rosa Parks Printable<<<<Rosa Parks Printable


>>>>FREE Rosa Parks Bus Template<<<<Rosa Parks Bus Craft


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