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Adding Bible to our homeschool is something that’s very important to us as a family. Through the years, we’ve added different Bible curriculum but just wasn’t able to find one that we could 100% say we loved. That’s where Weave Your Word in Me – Part 1 from Kid Niche Christian Books comes in.

About Kid Niche Christian Books

Susan Case Booner, the authoer of Kid Niche Christian Books has spent the last four decades of her life teaching the Bible in a way that’s engaging for children of all ages. The Kid Niche Christian Books truly reflect her love for helping young people to grow in their relationship with God.

It’s very important for our family to be able to add a Bible study as part of our homeschool. In fact, I couldn’t imagine starting a school day without first covering our Bible lessons. While there are several Bible curriculums available to homeschoolers, the trick is to find what works best for your family. 

Our thoughts and how we used it

Over the past month of using the Wave Your Word in Me – Part 1 we have been very pleased. This amazing program is compiled of 36 Bible study lessons that are perfect for grades 4-6. The program comes already 3-hole punched (notebook not included) and printed on durable, heavy paper.  It includefull-coloror graphics, which helps to keep the attention of my ten year old.  

Once opening Weave Your Word in Me – Part 1, you’ll find that this study is designed around the nine verses of My Whole Self Before YOU, which is a rhythmical prayer modeled after the Lord’s Prayer.

The thirty-six lessons are broken down into two sections which are easy to follow. The first fourteen lessons are on God the Father, with twenty-two lessons covering God the Son.  Once my ten year old finishes this study, I can see us moving on to the Part 2, which is sold separately.  The part two covers What God Wants and God the Holy Spirit.

This program is designed in a way that’s compatible with different Bible translations. Different families use different translations and just because we use the New International Version for our studies, doesn’t mean other families would prefer to use it. The compatible translations include: King James Version, English Standard Version, New King James Version, New International Version, New American Standard Bible, & New American Bible Revised Edition.kid niche

Lesson Lengths

Our family spends around 15-30 minutes per lesson. Depending on the lesson, your student will have fill in the blanks, multiple choice, definitions, true/false, drawings and more. The end of each lesson ends in “My Prayer”. Here you child completes the sentences in the prayer by filling in the blanks. Once they have the blanks filled in, they then say the whole thing as a prayer to go.

If you’re looking to take the learning process a step further, you can find life centered teacher enrichment activities online. These activities include videos, activities and more.

To learn more about Kid Niche Christian Books and Weave Your Word in Me Part 1, visit them online. Also, be sure to check them on out their social networks listed below.


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