Knickernappies Review

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Knickernappies Review When my son turned a year old, we switched him from disposable diapers to cloth diapers. Once we made the switch, I quickly fell in love with cloth diapers! The ease of use, not to mention that we all know that cloth diapers are eco-friendly. I will admit that once I did start diapering, I honestly didn’t stray away from the ones that I used the most. My son, eventhough he has been potty trained since 19 months (I give credit to cloth diapers), he still wears a diaper at night. Some mornings he wakes up dry and others he is soaked.

Knickernappies Review

First of all, when on a search looking to try different diapers with my son, I ran across Cloth Diaper Outlet. Cloth Diaper Outlet has tons of different diapers. I love their great selection since not all babies can comfortably wear the same style cloth diapers. Cloth Diaper Outlet is owned and operated by Heather and her husband Shannon. The selection that they offer, are all diapers that they have used personally. So if you have any questions about a certain style, Heather is more than happy to answer it for you.

One diaper that stood out to me was the Knicknappies, I really wanted to give them a try. This is one brand that I had never tried with my son. It looked like a great diaper for night time wear.

The minute it arrived my son was so excited. He loves his cloth diapers and always has. It wasn’t night time, but I thought what they heck, why not. He always tells me when he has to potty. He wore this diaper around for a few hours. He not only loved the color, but loved the way it felt against his skin. If you have never tried a cloth diaper, I encourage you too. They are so soft against their little skins as compared to disposable diapers. One of the main features that I love about this diaper is that it has snaps. Even though velcro makes it faster to change them, it also always seems to come undone in my wash and sticks to the other diapers in the wash. Also, who doesn’t love a one sized diaper. Whether you are using the diapers on one little one or even if you are planning to have another one. These diapers are perfect!

Knickernappies is a one sized diaper and the first of it’s kind. It is a side-snapping , one sized diaper that is made in the USA!

Here are only a few features of Knickernappies:

  • Four size adjustments to fit your baby best–Small, Medium Short, Medium and Large
  • Tested to fit babies from 8 pounds to 40 pounds
  • Two inserts with every diaper, sizes small & large. Knickernappies inserts are also made in the USA!
  • Two Year Guarantee on elastic and snaps
  • Very gentle Lastin elastic in the leg and waist-NO red marks

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