LeapFrog Tag & Tag Jr. Review & (Giveaway Closed)

I have always encouraged my children to read, and have always tried to make reading fun. Both of my daughters were very early readers, and my son also shares that love of books. He pretends to read even at the young age of 2. To help encourage his reading, I recently tried Leap Frog Tag and Tag Jr. Systems. These are both amazing products.

Eventhough my son is two, he really enjoys using the LeapFrog Tag system. Eventhough Tag is for chidlren ages 4-8. My son touches the pen to the words, and then repeats the words. It almost seems like he is slowly picking up on how to read these words. I remember when my girls were little, there were always words that they needed help with reading or pronouncing. Tag would have been a fantastic system for them and I can’t wait for my son to become more involved with this system.

About Tag:Perfectly sized for little hands, the Tag™ Reader is a touch-and-talk reading device that brings stories to life like never before and offers insights into what your child is learning. As children touch the Tag Reader to the pages of specially printed storybooks, a small camera in the tip “reads” the pages, enabling children to hear words and stories read aloud. Characters, pictures and learning activities spring to life with every touch, immersing children in the thrill of reading.

Tag Jr. is a system that is right at his level and he absolutely LOVES! Tag Jr. is geared toward children ages 2-8 and is a great system. The chunky Tag Jr. Pal fits perfectly in the hands on toddlers and is very easy for them to use. I also love the fact that they are board books. My son is easy on all books, but I feel much better when he readers board books for now.

The Curious George book that he has is perfect for teaching little ones their colors and let’s just say that we read this book several times a day. Then there is Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?. This book has familiar characters in it and he has to always read certain pages in this. He repeats the words and phrases that they say in the book. It also asks them to point to certain pictures or a picture that may make a certain sound.

Tag Jr. is a toddler-sized “book explorer” that is powered by the same technology that drives the Tag reader: a small, sophisticated infrared camera that “reads” words and pictures printed on the special dot-patterned pages of the sturdy, child-friendly board books in the Tag Junior collection.

I love that parents can download each book’s audio, then drag and drop content onto the device—just like managing digital camera or MP3 files. The Tag Junior
handheld can hold the audio for up to five books at a time, and parents can choose to have the Tag Junior pal “greet” their child by name.

BUY: Leap Frog Tag Jr. is available starting today on LeapFrog.com with a MSRP of $34.99



This is solely the opinion of As They Grow Up. Other people may have different experiences with the product.Thank you to LeapFrog for providing a product to test.

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