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Being a homeschooling family, I’m always on the lookout for products that encourage fun hands-on learning in our homeschool and admit that I might get a tad excited when I can find a product that not only goes together with what we’re currently studying, but one that I know we will use time and time again. This summer our family has really enjoyed using the Primary Science Outdoor Discover Set from Learning Resources. In fact, this product made our July Homeschool Favorites list because it’s been such a hit.

As They Grow Up was sent the Primary Science Outdoor Discover Set from Learning Resources in exchange for our honest opinion.

rimary Science Outdoor Discover Set

This durable S.T.E.M supporting discovery set is designed for ages 3+ and encourages the littles to head outdoors to discover the wonders of plants, bugs, and more with all the kid-tools for some naturally fun experiments. If for some reason you can’t head outdoors because of rain or maybe even a cold, snowy day? No worries there either.

Packed full of fun and learning

The Outdoor Discover Set comes with a sprouting jar with 2 lids, watering can, 3 plant pots, 3 plant markers, Big View Bug Jar, Handy Scooper™, and activity guide. This kit along with 10 double-sided activity cards will keep them having fun all while learning whether inside or out.

The full-color activity cards are generously sized and easy to follow.  On one side, you’ll find name of the activity and the tools needed.  Instead of having words for the tools, as you can see in the image below, it actually shows them images of the items that they’ll be using.  Along with that, you’ll have a list of extras which I’ve found to be a cheap, inexpensive list that for the most part includes items that you’ll probably have lying around your home already.  Last on that side of the page, it lists the key concepts that they’ll be learning. For Best Buggies the key concepts will be: Different kinds of insects share similar features.

On the back side of the activity card you’ll find very clear step-by-step instructions, some even starting with telling the child to remove the lid on the jar. I have found that these directions are designed so that the child has the option to do the activity on their own without the assistant of the parent if they so choose.

10 Activities included

The 10 activities and key concepts you’ll find in this kit are:
• Best Buggies: Different kinds of insects share similar features.
• Big Bug Boogie: Insects have unique body parts that help them move.
• Growing Garlic: The roots of a plant always grow down into the soil.
• Funny Faces: Grass grows easily and quickly.
• Cloud Garden: Some seeds can sprout with only water and indirect sunlight.
• Terrific Terrarium: The three stages of the water cycle, evaporation, condensation, and precipitation, can take place in a terrarium.
• Colorful Carrot: Carrots are taproots. There are tiny tubes inside the carrot that carry water from the bottom to the top.
• Symmetrical Bugs: An insect’s body is symmetrical, or looks the same on both sides
• Reach for the Sun: Plants grow towards the sun. This is called phototropism
• Pop for Plants!: With water and sunlight, seeds can grow into plants

Pops for Plants

Mine chose for their very first experiment to do the Pops for Plants! While they chose to do the activity on their own, I was present if they had any questions at all.

With this activity, they needed the planter, terrarium and the water can. The additional items were paper towel, water, popcorn kernels and soil. I admit that while I’ve planted popcorn seeds to grow in our garden, even I didn’t realize that one could sprout a popcorn kernel.

To our surprise after a few days in the sun, and with minimal water our kernels started sprouting. We talked about what was happening and then at that point we used our potting oil and planter.

Another awesome thing about this product is that it comes with a 365-day money back guarantee, which I find pretty awesome. So basically, if for any reason at all, you or your little one isn’t happy with this products, you can reach out to Learning Resources for a refund and replacement.

Head over to Learning Resources to find out more about this kit, or to check out all the S.T.E.M products they have to offer!


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