Luster Whitening On-The-Go Review

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Luster Whitening On-The-GoMy teeth have never been whitened before. I have considered using teeth whitening systems, but have never taken the jump. I never realized how discolored my teeth were until I did start using the Luster Tooth Whitening System.

Luster Whitening On-The-Go

I have the Luster On The Go set and it is so simple to use. You don’t have to mess with any trays or wear anything on your teeth at all. You simply just open the tube of Luster and use the sponge like tip to apply the whitening gel directly on your teeth. Just be sure not to eat or drink for 20 minutes after that.

I wish I would have thought about taken a before picture, and honestly is just slipped my mind but I can say that it has whitened my teeth about 4 shades over the past 14 days. Also, I have sensitive teeth to begin with and was worried that it would cause them to get even more sensitive. Well it hasn’t! Did you know that Luster is proven to be able to make your teeth an average of 5 shades lighter without causing any tooth sensitivity! That is a major plus to me!

Luster Premium Whitening branded products are developed by Dentovations and have been independently, clinically tested by a world leader in oral care testing. Clinical testing proved that Luster Whitening products whiten teeth up to six shades (average is five shades) without causing any tooth sensitivity. Luster 1 Hour White is the only consumer whitening product to be FDA cleared. Dentovations is constantly working to bring consumers the best tooth whitening products available with the Luster Premium Whitening brand.

I was telling my Mother-In-Law just yesterday how easy Luster is to use. I had just finished applying it to my teeth and gave her a call. When she answered the phone, I really couldn’t understand her at all. She informed me that she was whitening her teeth and couldn’t talk because of the tray. That’s when I started telling her that I was whitening my teeth and just simply had to avoid drinks and eating for 20 minutes. She was very impressed by not only the ease, but also the price It is very affordable and can be purchased at Walgreens.


This is solely the opinion of As They Grow Up. Other people may have different experiences with the product.Thank you to Luster for providing a product to test.

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