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Let’s face it. Parenting isn’t an easy job. As parents, we strive to do what’s right while raising our children and in turn hope that we pass on our values and believes to them as they head out into the world. Where there certainly isn’t a manual that tells us how to raise our children, for the past several weeks my husband has been using Manhood Journey Father’s Starter Kit, a father son Bible study, from Manhood Journey & City on a Hill Studio. This is a wonderful concept to help bring a father and son(s) together.

Dads, trust me when I say that as mothers, we see how hard you work so that we are able to stay home and homeschool our children. We also understand that as our kids are quickly growing, it seems harder and harder to get one on one time with them.

What Did We Receive:

We received the Manhood Journey Father’s Starter Kit that includes:

• Group Discussion Guide that works with the leader
• One on One Discussion Guide filled with talking points and activities for father & sons
• DVD which includes introductory videos of all six modules
• 10 Maprochures to chart the course of your journey
• Wise Guys hidden wisdom book written by Kent Evans, co-founder

Manhood Journey is designed so that it can be used with our without a group. With our family, as a personal choice my husband and son decided to embark on this journey without a group. In my personal opinion, I feel that embarking alone or in a group would be very rewarding. While my husband and son had an amazing time on this journey, I can see how doing this with a group might even add more overall.

Over the course of 6 weeks, my husband and sons embarked on an amazing journey. A journey that brought them closer than they already are, and one that is designed to teach Biblical manhood.

Manhood Journey takes a non-denominational, biblical approach to help young men as they embark into manhood. My husband and son loved that it wasn’t just reading, but it also includes hands-on, interactive activities. Also, keep in mine that this program isn’t designed to be used strictly with father/son. It can be used as guidance for any young man (nephews, neighbors, friends, etc.)

The program starts out with talking about the five key areas of Biblical manhood – the five “big rocks”. These are the “rocks” that need to be packed first on this journey.

1. Trust God
2. Knows His Word
3. Prayers Fervently
4. Builds Relationships
5. Serves Others

Throughout the course, there are talking points for encouraging you to “dig a little deeper”, as well as prayer and homework.

For weeks two thru six, you’ll be covering the following: Setting Out On The Journey, Relying On The Compass, Seeking Guidance Along The Way, Encountering Others Along The Journey, and We Have Embarked – Where To Next?

In our house, we are currently on week four of the journey, and are looking forward to going through rest of the Embarking module together.

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