Math Mammoth Light Blue Series Curriculum

Math…This is one subject that is hard for me when it comes to purchasing a curriculum for my boys. While I admit it isn’t one of my favorite subjects of all times, it’s less of a favorite with my oldest son. Since math can be a challenge for both he and I, a solid, easy to follow curriculum is what I look for. Davis and I have worked through the Light Blue Series Grade 5 Math curriculum from Math Mammoth and so far, so good.

Affordable Quality Math {Math Mammoth }
As They Grow Up received product to help facilitate this review. All opinions are our own.

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What is Math Mammoth Light Blue Series:

Math Mammoth Light Blue series is a full curriculum that is available for grades 1 through 7 that does meet the Common Core Standards. This is a mastery based program that focuses strongly on conceptual understanding, and you’ll find that visual models and exercises are used a lot. This has been extremely helpful in the learning process in our homeschool.

The curriculum is neatly organized into chapters by topics and with each chapter your child will concentrate on one theme and it’s connecting topics. That means that not only is your child learning how to do the problem, they are also learning the logic behind it. This has been amazing for my oldest since he can at times be intimidated by math.

We Received

We received the complete 5th grade Light Blue Series set as a digital download. With the digital version, you receive everything you would if you purchased the book version. Not only do you get all the student worktext, answer keys, chapter tests, but you also get tons of worksheets and extras along with a BONUS Soft-Pak.  Everything is easy to set and pretty self explanatory.


The Soft-Pak was a huge hit with my boys, and has math worksheets that you can print out, activities, on-screen word problems with built-in calculator and more! There are even true/false math challenges and over 400 words in the language arts part to help with reading, spelling and grammar! You read that correctly..the Soft-Pak includes activities outside of math.

Overall Thoughts

When we first received this math curriculum I wasn’t sure how well it would work for my oldest. It was a different approach than we have used in the past, being that the program is designed so that the student can do it unassisted. This is totally up to the teacher or parent. For us, I found it best to sit down with the child. As time went on, he started really getting it…I mean REALLY getting it. It’s been amazing watching how far he’s come and that he’s understanding math so much better.

While the Soft-Pak has been a bonus included with the digital download, it’s been a favorite. Both my boys (even my first grader) use it and enjoy it. Yes, it’s a very simple program, but they love it.

Overall we have been very pleased with this program and have been happy with the digital download. It didn’t take much when it came to printing it out, and afterwards, I simply binded it for easy to use.

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