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Terry Border has done it again! My five-year old is a big fan and loves the most recent addition to the collection. Recommended for ages 3-7, Milk Goes To School is full of laughs and wonderful illustrations.

 Milk Goes to School Peanut Butter & Cupcake Merry Christmas, Peanut!


First days of school are tough, and making new friends is even tougher. Milk’s dad gave her a sparkly new backpack and told her that she was the creme de la creme, but most of the other kids don’t seem to agree. In fact, some of her new classmates think Milk is just little a bit spoiled…

MILK GOES TO SCHOOL explores the universal difficulties that kids face when making new friends at school while also demonstrating ingenious word play and laugh-out-loud humor. As Milk struggles to win over her new classmates, readers will enjoy picking up on numerous food-related puns strewn throughout the text and images of Border’s imaginative story. Border’s knack for kid-friendly humor shines through once again and adults are also likely to crack a smile while reading this back-to-school charmer.

Our thoughts:
As I mentioned, we are huge fans of Terry Border and love his hilarious and pun-filled books. While this book is recommended for ages 3-7, all ages will enjoy this book. As we were reading it, there were some puns that my five-year old didn’t get, but my nine-year old laughed like crazy. The illustrations add to the corny puns that are found throughout this book and kids will be begging to read it over and over again!

While this is a fun read, I feel that it does also portray real life. While we would like to believe that everything is sunshine and roses in school, it isn’t. Kids deal with all situations in school, and a variety of classmates. While you really start to dislike Waffle, and feel bad for Milk as the story goes, it does have a happy ending. Is Milk really spoiled or is she just struggling to make new friends? Is Waffle really just a “bad egg” that’s trying to make everyone dislike Milk? You’ll have to read the book to find out, because I’m not telling.

Where can I purchase:
Milk Goes To School can be found at your local book store, or online stores like Amazon.

FREE Printable!
If you are like me, you love creating or finding printables to go along with picture books. I feel that it just adds so much more to the story. You can CLICK HERE to download your FREE Milk Goes To School Printables.Milk Goes To School Printable


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