Museum of the Bible Books Collection

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Worthy Publishing has partnered with the new Museum of the Bible to create creative books that help readers engage with the Bible. This Museum of the Bible Books collection is perfect for kids of all ages.Museum of the Bible Books

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Museum of the Bible Books Debut Collection

The Museum of the Bible is set to open their doors on November 17, 2017. Located in the Washington, DC area, this 430,000 square feet museum will be filled with items dedicated to the Bible.

Even though our family will not be able to visit this amazing place anytime soon, we were given the opportunity to preview their children’s Bible book collection. The collection we received includes:

• What’s the Bible All About
• That’s So Weird (100 Fun & Fascinating Facts About the Bible)
• Children of the World Storybook Bible
• Wild & Wacky Things in the Bible

What’s the Bible All About

This little book answers this question with a big-picture overview of the Bible. What it is, how it was written, and the stories it tells. With simple language and colorful illustrations, this book is a valuable introduction to the Bible for little ones.Museum of Bible Books

While I know that the Bible is an amazing book to read, this book is written in a way that makes children want to pick up the Bible. It tells of Noah and how he built a boat and mentions that there are even superheros in the Bible. Talks of the story of David and Queen Esther, and even about the different things the Bible was written on such as scrolls and scribes.

That’s So Weird!

Filled with more than 100 bits of trivia, That’s so weird! invites you to discover some of the fun and fascinating-and sometimes downright strange-things found in the Bible.Museum of the Bible Books

This little book is one of my boys favorites. They love reading through it and asking each other questions. Such a fun way to learn about the Bible!

Children of the World Storybook Bible

The Bible is filled with stories of intrigue and adventure, good and evil, and amazing people and events. Here, 100-best loved Bible stories are paired with art created just for this book by children from nearly 50 countries. Explore the people, places, and events of the Bible through the eyes of kids from places like Brazil, Japan, Serbia, and South Africa.Museum of the Bible Books

This book has been amazing to read. My boys not only love reading the stories, but enjoy the children’s illustrations so much. After each story, they always go and draw their own picture to go with it.

Wild and Wacky Things in the Bible

The Bible is full of strange and unusual happenings. Frogs infest a palace. A river is parted, and a woman is even turned into salt. These events may seem impossible, but the Bible says they happened! In this book, your child will explore so many wonderful and sometimes wacky biblical events. Along with learning about the events, they will also find added facts and stories from science and modern life.Museum of the Bible Books

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