Our Homeschool Week: Native American Unit Study

Over the past few weeks as part of our Notgrass History, we’ve been learning about the Natives of the Southeast and Northeast Woodlands. This has been such an interesting topic that we chose to dive into even more. As part of our Native American Unit Study we went on a field trip, made crafts and more! native american unit study
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Native American Unit Study 

Over the past few weeks in our homeschool we’ve dove into a Native American unit study. One of our main studies was the Iroquoian, but we also added Cherokee.

We scheduled a field trip to a local event. Here the boys were able to make crafts,Native American Unit Study

learn about the different Cherokee dancesNative American Unit Study

and walked away with cool necklaces that have their names written in Cherokee.Native American Unit Study

From there, we visited a place called Judaculla Rock.  This was such an interesting place to visit.  We were able to read about the story of Judaculla and the boys were able to see the Petroglyph carvings from years past.Judaculla Rock

To go along with our history, we also chose to build a longhouse. Iroquoian Longhouse was mainly used by the Iroquois Confederacy that includes the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Seneca and the Cayuga people.

Iroquoian Longhouse Activitylonghouse

250 gumdrops
300 toothpicks
White Paper

The Iroquoian Longhouse activity is one that the entire family can participate in. Before starting your structure, be sure you’ve put it in a good location. The structure is fragile and you won’t be able to move it once you get started.Longhouse

The list of supplies make this build sound simple, but along the way you will run into a few challenges. With those you’ll have to stop and think about different ways to build the structure.longhouse

Talking Sticks

Last but certainly not least, we decided to finish the week with talking sticks. This activity took us outdoors to search for the perfect stick.talking sticks

Once the perfect stick was found, we brought it in, pulled out all the acrylic paints and just had fun!Talking Stick

I let the paint dry and then sealed it.Talking Stick

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