Nerf Lazer Tag Multi-Player Battle System

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Our family is pretty competitive when it comes to games and activities. So when I ran across the Nerf Lazer Tag Multiplayer Battle System, I knew that we had to give this a try!

My daughters and husband loved this high energy game. Even my two year old likes shooting the guns and believe it or not, sometimes he will actually hit the other person. Eventhough my husband takes the lead for the most part, it is always a battle with my daughters. But a friendly competition every now and then is great!! It’s always interesting to see who can reload the fastest.

The Nerf Lazer Tag System is a complete two-player system that features the PHOENIX LTX tagger for thrilling minute-to-minute action. It registers hits, shots and special weapon activations using lights, sounds and vibrations. This high action game of laser tag also includes a rumble pack that lets you know when you’ve been hit, a recoil feature that engages with every shot fired, and a manual reload feature to restock ammo. Line up your shots with amazing accuracy with the PINPOINT SIGHT attachment.

The Lazer Tag System also lets you sharpen your skills between games with a video game attachment. You just simply connect the module to your tv and you are ready to go. Shhh, but it’s an excellent way to improve your aim to maybe beat the “older” competitors in the game.

If you are looking for a FUN activities to get the kids to engage in outdoor play, this is an excellent choice. The Nerf Lazer Tag can be purchased for approx. $83.99


Nerf is so generously giving one of my readers the chance to win a Lazer Tag Multiplayer Battle System of their own ($83.99 value)

Visit Nerf, then come back here and tell me what other Nerf Product that catches your eye!

Thank you to everyone that took time to enter this great contest! picked #210 as the winner:

ktgonyea said…
July 6, 2009 1:08 PM

Dart Tag is my fun pick 🙂

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This is solely the opinion of As They Grow Up. Other people may have different experiences with the product.Thank you to Nerf for providing a product to test.

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