Summer Reading: Niblet & Ralph

My little guy loves all things cats, so when the book Niblet & Ralph arrived, he couldn’t wait to read it.Niblet & Ralph
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Niblet & Ralph

Niblet and Ralph may look a lot alike, but they are very different. Niblet loves noshing on crunchy potato chips. Ralph loves putting on headphones and jamming to his favorite records. But both cats have one thing in common: They love being friends and waving at each other from their windows across the courtyard of the apartment building they live in.

One day, Niblet and Ralph decide it’s time to meet in person (or in cat?). But when they mistakenly end up at each other’s apartments, their owners think that Niblet is Ralph, and Ralph is Niblet! Will Noblet and Ralph be able to switch back to their proper homes, or will they be stuck listening to music (ugh) and eating chips (gross) forever? Better still, will they be able to bring their loveable (if not very observant) human families together?

About the Author

Zachariah OHora is the author-illustrator of the acclaimed books No Fits, Nilson!, My Cousin Momo, and The Not So Quiet Library, and the illustrator of the New York Times bestseller Wolfie the Bunny. He lives and works in Narbeth, PA with his wife and sons.

Our Thoughts

The cover of this book was the first thing to catch my little guys attention. The bright colors, and a cat on both sides. One wearing headphones, and one with chips. This book has cats, bright colors, cats…did I forget to mention that it has cats? Seriously though, this is a fun read for ages 3-5. The book offers simple sentences that are perfect for keeping your little ones attention. If the story line isn’t enough to win you over (but it really is), then the illustration will. They were fantastic and have tons of details on each page.

Highly recommend!

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