Non-Candy Halloween Treat Ideas Kids Will Love

Strolling down the aisles of the store, it’s a given that Halloween is around the corner. Traditionally, candy has always been the go-to when it comes to handing out Halloween goodies. I get that most kids love trick-or-treating for the candy, but for my kids it always seems to be a waste. For whatever reason, their most favorite part of trick-or-treating is getting those little trinkets or goodies in their bags. Things like glow bracelets, pencils or stretchy men.Non-Candy Halloween Treat Ideas

Non-Candy Halloween Treats

I’ve noticed over the past five-years, it seems that more and more people are starting to move away from handing out candy, and instead giving more nutritional options, as well as even tiny toys that the kids can enjoy. I wish I could take credit for the below list, but honestly my boys are the ones that came up with most of these.  So this is totally a kid-approved list when it comes to non-candy alternatives.

Mini Emoji Plush or stuffed animals

It seems like all kids love these little Emoji plush or even small little animal plush toys they can take with them.

Glow Bracelets

These inexpensive little items are hands down a favorite of my kids. They love getting this on Halloween from different houses and wearing them around. Of course with there still being some life to the glow bracelets or necklaces when we get home, they put them in the freeze so they can enjoy them the next day.

Mini Maze Puzzles

There are tons of different mini-maze puzzles to pick from, but they seem to always be a hit with the kids.

Pencils & Pens

Funky-shaped pens, and colorful Halloween pencils are a great idea when it comes to an affordable candy-alternative.

Mini Note Pads

Mini-Notebooks are the best as far as my boys are concerned. They always keep a little notebook with them for drawing and writing.

Stretchy Men

My oldest came over while I was brain-storming ideas on this post and he insisted that these little stretchy men make it on on the list.  He always gets some when we go trick-or-treating and has them in a drawer.  Believe it or not, he still pulls them out to play with them.

Mini Friction Cars

These little pocket-sized cars are always so much fun.  My boys have received them while trick-or-treating over the years and they’re still around.  

Bouncy Balls

My boys love bouncy balls, and it’s something we rarely have around the house. They love getting

Wind Up Toys

Wind-up Halloween toys are so much fun and I love how they have a variety of different characters.  

Punch Balloons

These have been around for as long as I can remember.  I loved playing with these as a kid, and my kids have always had tons of fun with them too!


My littles love when they get stamps. We have them tucked away from Easter egg hunts, Halloweens and even Christmas.  They love getting them out and making weird designs on paper using all their different stamps. Not to mention, in the end, when you buy in bulk they are much cheaper than candy.

Jack-o-lantern cuties

These are the cutest things and kids seem to not only love receiving them, but giving them as well.

Pre-Sliced Apple Slice Packets

My boys love apples, and have been given the small packs of apple slices in the past. That was the first thing they dug into when we got home. Those can usually be found at your local grocery store or Sam’s club.

Mini Flashlights

What kid doesn’t love flashlights? My boys have quit the stash of flashlights they keep in their nightstand drawers. The little mini plastic keychain flashlights are perfect for walking around the neighborhood on Halloween, and a super fun candy alternative.


Bubbles are always a huge hit with kids (and adults).  Mine will head outdoors and play forever with bubbles.

Wikki Sticks

It never fails that my kids get at least a couple packs of Wikki Sticks in their Halloween bags every year. These never disappoint. 

Glow Rings

Glow Rings are fun for girls and boys and are a great for wearing while out trick-or-treating.

Mini Play-doh

I love the little mini Play-doh you can get. I’ve picked some up at the Dollar Tree and even ordered the brand at a reasonable price online.  My kids usually end up mixing it all together anyway, which is why the little mini-containers are a favorite.

Spider Rings

Halloween isn’t complete without at least one spider ring to add to the collection. We usually pick up a few packs at the Dollar Tree to decorate around the house and goody bags too.

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