Popsicle Stick Haunted House

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This weekend with all the heavy rains, I decided to tackle a craft that I have never done before. We have popsicle sticks coming out of our ears, so we decided to build a Haunted House. I mean, Halloween is around the corner and it’s time to start decorating the house!

I’m not a craft person, so I promise that this is easy to make.  To make a popsicle haunted house, you’ll need the following:
• Popsicle Sticks (regular size and small)
•Hot glue gun (mine is just a cheapo high temp one)
• Scissors
• Paint

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I started with the roof. For this, line up 20 popsicle sticks and glue five sticks perpendicular for support. You do this for both sides of the roof.

haunted house


To make the front of the house use ten popsicle sticks. I lined them up to make sure they were straight, then marked and cut where the window was going to be. Once it was all cut, then I used the hot glue gun to frame the window and the side of one wall.  I also added a popsicle stick on the backside to give it extra support. Then cut another ten sticks to size to allow space for the doorway. The smaller wall only has the one support down the side.haunted house


I’m not gonna lie. This was almost my breaking point. I spent a good deal of time getting the back side measure out and with all that, I forgot to glue on my support sticks before I glued the window frame.  What that means is that when I picked it up to flip it over..everything that wasn’t  secure with the frame fell off.  It isn’t perfect, but after spending additional time I was able to get it all glued.  haunted house

For this you need a total of 20 popsicle sticks. I basically cut them so they are centered and then marked and cut the window out. What I should have done at this point was to secure it with an additional two popsicle sticks before gluing on the window frame. I use the small popsicle sticks for my window frame, but feel free to cut down the bigger ones if you prefer.

haunted house


The sides were pretty easy.  Once again take 10 popsicle sticks and secure them with two supporting sticks.  One side I did place a small window like on the front and back. I didn’t snap a picture of the side that has the window, but here is the one without a window.


Once you get the roof and sides glued, then it’s time to assemble. We did prop it first to see the best way to assemble.12086838_10208156410127148_1682756704_n

To assemble:

We found it best to start with the back side since it’s the biggest area. Then we put both sides and finally the front. We did opt to not glue the roof on.  We assembled the roof and use the support popsicles on the backside to hold it on the house.  That way we can easily change the “decorations” or let the boys use it as a cabin for their army men once Halloween is over. The cool thing is you can be as creative as you want.  


We’ll be adding a battery operated light to the haunted house this evening.

I hope your family enjoys this craft.  A video is coming soon to show how we assembled our haunted house.

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