Prince and Pirate Book Review

Title: Prince and Pirate
Author: Charlotte Gunnufson
Illustrator: Mike Lowery
Publication Date: May 9, 2017
Ages: 5-8

Prince and Pirate are proud masters of their own fishbowls, and life goes along swimmingly-until they’re scooped up and plopped into shared waters. Prince is horrified to find this cheeky cod trespassing in his kingdom. Pirate is sure this scurvy sea slug has come to plunder his treasure. Thus, a battle of regal sneers, seaworth stink-eyes, and off-the-hook insults begins. Prince and Pirate’s hilarious duel for territory will elicit gales of giggles, hearty guffaws, and heartfelt smiles. Just when it seems their struggle might end in a silly stalemate, a little surprise convinces them to find a way to get along-swimmingly.

About the author: Charlotte Gunnufson
Charlotte grew up in Minnesota, bossed by an older sister (who once tricked Charlotte into eating a worm) and pestered by a younger brother (who, among other misdemeanors, blew out the candles on Charlotte’s birthday cake). Charlotte has since escaped to Iowa, where she writes and teaches Zumba Fitness classes. She has one handsome husband, three remarkable children, two blue cats, and five orange fish.

She is the author of Prince and Pirate (Putnam/Penguin) and Halloween Hustle (Two Lions) as well as many poems which have appeared in Highlights, Highlights High Five and Hello, Cricket, Spider, Ladybug and Babybug. Charlotte’s hobby is making kids laugh and getting them jazzed up about reading.

Our thoughts:
Prince and Pirate is a lively book that filled with vibrant and fun illustrations that are sure to keep the readers attention up until the last page.

In this book, you have two fish that have always lived in separate tanks and were very happy with their situation. They both viewed themselves as the rulers over their land….that was until one day they were plopped in a single tank to live together.

Once together, they constantly battled over who would rule the land, until one day a new fish arrived. Will Prince and Pirate be able to work out their differences and make the new fish feel welcome? You’ll have to read the story to find out.

Prince and Pirate definitely received thumbs up from both my six and ten-year olds.

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