St. Patrick’s Day Math Printable

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This 18-page St. Patrick’s Day Math Printable is designed for grades Kindergarten through first grade. Inside you’ll find.

Page 2-3: adding 0-10 (no number line)
Page 4: adding 0-10 (with number line)
Page 5-6: adding 11-20 (with number line)
Page 7: adding 21-30 (with number line)
Page 8-9: subtraction
Page 10-11: what number is missing
Page 12-13: before/after numbers
Page 14-15: greater than/less than
Page 16: What time is it-circle the correct time
Page 17: what time is it: write the time below the clock (on the hour)
Page 18: even numbers (find and color)
Page 19-35: Teacher Answers

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