Add Fun to Geography with the Ravensburger 3D Globe Puzzle

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Ravensburger Puzzle Ball

Puzzles are such a wonderful educational tool from early childhood through adult years. By using puzzles, we learn cognitive skills, problem solving and so much more. That’s why as part of our geography this year, I decided to add the Ravensburger 3D Globe Puzzle

About Ravensburger 3D Globe Puzzle

The Ravensburger 3D Globe Puzzle is 180-pieces. The pieces are plastic and very sturdy. They’re designed for a smooth, snug fit and doesn’t need glue. Inside the box, you’ll find a small booklet with interesting facts and notes. Included is also the globe display stand and a base to rest the globe on during assembly.

Ravensburger XXL Children's Globe 180 Piece PuzzleballRavensburger XXL Children’s Globe 180 Piece PuzzleballRavensburger Eiffel Tower - Night Edition - 3D Puzzle (216-Piece)Ravensburger Eiffel Tower – Night Edition – 3D Puzzle (216-Piece)Ravensburger Statue of Liberty - 3D Puzzle (108-Piece)Ravensburger Statue of Liberty – 3D Puzzle (108-Piece)


This Ravensburger 3D Globe Puzzle is recommended for ages 8 and there are different ways that you can put it together. We chose to use the numbers on the back as far as assembling it our first time. I felt this was a gentle approach to not have my little guy feeling over-whelmed since he at times can struggle with putting puzzles together. He was still hesitant at first and then the next thing I knew, he was putting it together with ease.


Need more of a challenge when it comes to puzzles? No worries at all. You can always try the expert level by assembling the Globe without looking at the map or the numbers. 


I haven’t taken on that challenge yet, since my nine-year old now has the globe displayed in his room and we pull it out for our Geography lessons. Eventually though, we are going to take on that challenge. I’ve actually thought about doing it as a review for our geography at the end of our 4th grade year.

Overall, we have been really pleased with this product. I can see it being part of our homeschool for years to come.

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