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For some of us the month of May means that our homeschool is starting to wind-down. End-of-grade testing has come to an end, and we’re starting to be able to breathe a little easier. This also means, that most of us are already planning, researching and purchasing our curriculum for the 2017-2018 school year, and that’s why I wanted to take a minute to mention that even though our homeschool is slowing down, is continuing to GROW!

First off, did you know that they’ve added two art history courses and two world history courses and that’s not all. On top of all that, they have doubled the size of a science course!!

A Century of Art and Art
: The Timeless Treasure leads your middle and high school students to appreciate and understand art based on the time period in history which it was written.

Age of Revolution I
: is a series of thirty-four weekly lessons from TruthQuest History that explores God’s role in history from King James 1 to 1800.

Experiencing History: Creation to the Reformation
: is a fun, engaging look at history from the creation of the world through the Reformation, shared using a young-earth timeline for reference

Plus, they’ve added an entire semester to Exploring God’s World with Fifth Grade Science!

Double the Content – Now Offers World Book

The new World Book addition is absolutely amazing! It includes tens of thousands of articles, timelines, research helps, lesson plans, games, quizzes and so much more!

To learn more, head over to Now through the end of May, you can get an annual subscription for only $99 that covers the entire family!!

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