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My son is super active as most little boys are and can really put a pair of shoes to the test. We recently received an adorable pair of shoes from See Kai Run. These great little shoes that you see pictured here are from their Spring/Summer 09 collection and this particular style is called the Maverick (excuse that they are already dirty, but he loves wearing them). My son loves wearing these shoes out every chance he gets. They are fantastic for every day wear and look adorable with his little jeans or shorts!

See Kai Run Shoes are very flexable, but sturdy enough to handle what my son puts them through with no problem at all. He definitely puts them to the test daily as he is always on the go. They are handcrafted from butter-soft sheepskin leather and have an adjustable Velcro closure which not only makes it easy for me to get them on and off of him but for him put them on all by himself. The putting on by himself is very important, since my little guys favorite words are “do self”. He is very independent and this shoe allows him to feel good about being able to put them on.

Who Is Kai?
Kai is the son of owners and founders, Cause Haun and Gang Chen. He’s also the inspiration behind See Kai Run. Unable to find shoes in modern, fun styles that still promoted the healthy development of little feet, his mom developed her own line of shoes – And See Kai Run was born.

Why are baby or toddler shoes with flexible soles better for my child?
While pediatricians now agree that barefoot is best for proper foot and muscular development, it is not always practical. Flexible soles are recommended because they are protective for indoor and outdoor wear, yet not restrictive. The soles of Smaller booties are made from soft suede, with non-slip rubber pads for traction. See Kai Run shoes incorporate a very flexible, yet durable rubber for the soles of our first walkers. Both allow plenty of freedom for developing little feet.

Be sure to keep your eyes open! See Kai Run will be unveiling their fall 2009 in August and if they are anything like the Spring/Summer 09 collection, they will be fantastic!

This is solely the opinion of As They Grow Up. Other people may have different experiences with the product.Thank you to See Kai Run for providing a product to test.

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