Take a BITE out of Game Night with Shark Bite!

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Game night is a night we look forward to in our house. It’s hard to beat spending quality time with family without the distractions of electronics. This week for game night, we introduced the kids the Shark Bite! by Pressman Toy.Shark Bite! Game Night

Are you ready to REEL in a good time?

Snag the fish and be the WINNER, but watch out! If the shark jumps, then you’ll be his dinner!! This fun game doesn’t require batteries and is recommended for ages 4 and up .

Pressman Toys Shark Bite Game (6 Player)Pressman Toys Shark Bite Game (6 Player)


What does Shark Bite! include?

When the game arrived at the door, my little guys were ready to get started. Upon opening the box, you’ll find one VERY hungry shark surrounded by 12 brightly colored sea creatures. Now obviously, you’re going to need something to rescue those sea creatures from the shark. That’s where your two fishing rods come in. Did I mention that there is also NO assembly required? Unless you count placing the stickers on the die assembling?

How to play

Games out…stickers on…let the fun begin! Seriuosly…let the FUN begin!

The object of the game is to be the player that doesn’t get “bit” by the shark. This is a complete game of chance.

You start by pushing the shark’s mouth down and lock it in place. Once it’s locked in place, you then start filling the hungry shark’s mouth with sea creatures. I know what you’re thinking. At this point, we’re simply taunting the shark, right? Maybe we are, but it’s all in fun!Shark Bite!

Once all the sea creatures in place, it’s time to roll the die to know how many you’ll be saving at a time.Shark Bite!

You have to be careful when selecting your sea creature. The wrong one, will cause the shark to “bite”. Once the shark bites, the person with the most sea creatures pulled, wins the game.Shark Bite!

What did we think?

We love it! It’s quick to set up and put away and the game last just long enough so the kids don’t get bored! Also, since it’s up to a four player game, everyone in the family can have fun instead of waiting for a turn!

To learn more about Shark Bite! or Pressman Toy, be sure to visit their site.

See the game in action:

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