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Being a mother of three, I can safely say that all teething babies love jewelery, I think that is a given fact. My son used to always want to chew on my good jewelry and most of it is just not safe for him to chew on. While on the look for jewelry that would be safe for my son to chew on, I discovered Smart Moms Jewelry. Smart Moms Jewelry has a wonderful line of teething jewelry that is perfect for little ones to chew on. Not only are they perfect for the little ones, but they are also stylish and look wonderful on. I love the different colors of the necklaces and bracelets that they have. They seem to have a piece that would match every article of clothing I own.

We use only the highest-quality, phthalate-free, federally approved silicone in our Teething Bling™ line. The material is non-toxic, latex-free, food–safe, even dishwasher-friendly! It is the same silicone used in many other popular teething products and SGS test reports are available upon request. Although we stress that this is adult jewelry not intended for children to wear, all of our pendants come with a breakaway clasp as an added safety feature.

If you are looking great pieces that are not only stylish but that are also fantastic for that teething toddler to chew on, I would highly recommend SmartMom Jewelry!!

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This is solely the opinion of As They Grow Up. Other people may have different experiences with the product.Thank you to SmartMom Jewelry for providing a product to test.

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