Solar Eclipse Fun – Homeschool Weekly Wrap-Up

For this week’s Homeschool Weekly Wrap-Up I have three words, Solar Eclipse Fun!

Do I really need to say more? We’ve been counting down the weeks until we this event. Living in Western North Carolina, we were in the path of totality so naturally, we too his as a learning opportunity. All the educational events and activities could not have prepared us for how amazing it truly was.

Our day started out as a typical Monday. The boys enjoyed their usual breakfast (being creatures of habit) and completed a few classes before we headed outdoors.

Solar Eclipse Fun!

My mother-in-law wanted to throw an eclipse party for the kids, so lunchtime kicked off the fun. With a hot dog lunch followed by eclipse-themed snacks, we were ready for the fun to begin.

After lunch, it was time to head outdoors to enjoy the solar eclipse. We put down white sheets so the boys could check out the shadow bands (which are very cool, btw). We also put the outdoor thermometer close by to watch the temps.

Great American Eclipse 2017

It was such an amazing experience. The breeze picked up and the temperature dropped 20 degrees. Watching the birds head to their nests for the “night” and then hearing the crickets and owls start singing their lullaby’s.

Great American Eclipse 2017

Once the sun reemerged, the birds were happily singing their “good morning songs” We are already looking forward to the 2024 eclipse, which means that we’ll be the ones traveling for that one.

In other news this week:

The boys had their annual dermatologist appointment and everything checked out great! We started with annual dermatologist appointments when we discovered an irregular mole on Luke when he was around 2. Turned out he had to have it removed, and since then I’ve made sure to have them there annually.

What we’re reading:

Davis is wrapping up the Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole, and will be starting The Last of the Mohicans.

Classic Starts™: The Last of the MohicansClassic Starts™: The Last of the MohicansClassic Starts™: Grimm's Fairy TalesClassic Starts™: Grimm’s Fairy Tales


We have started reading Classic Starts Grimm’s Fairy Tales as well and we’re all enjoying it. There are several stories in this book that I’m not even familiar with.

How was your week? Did you do anything fun for the solar eclipse?


Weekly Wrap-Up


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