Teva Ultimate Thong Review

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My husband always wears sandals during the summer months. He has tried certain flip flops for the ease of taking them off and on faster while at the beach and he honestly has yet to find a pair he likes, or will even wear. I set out with a goal on my search to find a shoe that is perfect for the “flip flop challenged” (I love you honey).

I researched numerous brands of flip flops only to then move on knowing that my husband would say that he just couldn’t keep them on his feet. About the time that I was going to give up on my search I thought about Teva. Teva is name that we love in our family. My son and husband both have always worn Teva sandals. I never knew that they offered flip flops as well.

Once they arrived, it took me at least a couple of days to convince my husband to give them a try. I mean, after all he is the one having to do the review. Once he finally tried them on, he quickly fell in love with this shoe! He never has a problem at all keeping them on his feet tanks to the Midfoot strap!

The Teva Ultimate Thong offers a fantastic stowable midfoot strap. This is what really caught my eye. What better way to keep a flip flop on than to have a midfoot strap. The versatility of this is great. When you need to use it, it’s there. During daily outings, he simply keeps them tightened along the thong area. This is what has really helped with being able to keep the flip flop on his foot. It enables you to adjust the tightness as needed.

Features of this Flip Flop:

  • Injection molded polyurethane midsole
  • Soft, tubular nylon webbing
  • Three-point upper with instep retention strap
  • Original, resolable, non-marking Spider Rubber® outsole performs exceptionally well on wet and dry terrain.

If you are looking for a fantastic flip flop to take you through different types of terrains, then this is one to consider. The Teva Ultimate Thong can be purchased online at Teva for $60.00

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