The Itchy Book & DIY Upcycle Dinosaur Planter

Disney Hyperion sent me a copy to check out and is partnering with me for a giveaway.
My boys have always been huge fans of the Mo Willems book series Elephant & Piggie. In fact, these are the books that I used to encourage my youngest to find his love of reading. This series of books are hilarious to read, and the larger font was fantastic! I admit that we were heartbroken when we read that final book, The Thank You Book. That was until we discovered the Elephant and Piggie Like Reading Series!The Itchy Book

Elephant & Piggie Like Reading! is a beginning-reader series created by Mo Willems. Best friends Elephant and Piggie introduce kids to their favorite books – brought to life in original stories created by contemporary children’s book authors and illustrators. The newest book in this collection is The Itchy Book by LeUyen Pham.The Itchy book

The Itchy Book

They may be dinosaurs, but their gigantic discover still holds true three million years later.

Itchy dinosaurs try to follow a very important, very prehistoric rule. A rule so important and so prehistoric, it’s written in stone. DINOSAURS DO NOT SCRATCH!

Triceratops has an itch. . . so does Pterodactyl. . . and Brontosaurus. . . and T-Rex! But Dino-Mo reminds them all of the BIG rule: Dinosaurs do not scratch! What’s an itchy dinosaur to do? Find out in this hilariously charming beginning reader by author/illustrator LeUyen Pham.The Itchy Book

About the Author

LeUyen Pham’s detailed and hilarious style is a perfect match for the Elephant & Piggie Like Reading! series. The Mo Willems/ LeUyen Pham collaboration will have fans itching for more!

LeUyen Pham is the prolific and bestselling illustrator of many books for children, including Grace for President by Kelly DiPucchio, Freckleface Strawberry by Julianne Moore and God’s Dream by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Pham has also written and illustrated her own works, including All the Things I Love About You and Big Sister, Little Sister. A former animator for DreamWorks, she lives with her husband and two sons in Los Angeles.

Visit HERE to learn more about The Itchy Book.

DIY Upcycle Dinosaur Planter

Since planting season has arrived, we thought it would be fun to make a dinosaur planter after reading The Itchy Book. There was a lot of discussion on what to use, and how to design it. Since our family loves upcycling when it comes to crafts, we decided on this planter. Here’s how we did it.

Items neede are:
Empty Soda Bottle
Masking tape
googly eyes
Hot Glue Gun
Acrylic Paint
Mod Podge
Gravel (optional)
Utility Knife and Scissors

First off, you want to decide on the shape of your dinosaur. We decided to go simple with just a long-neck. I used a dry erase marker to map out our shape.

Once you have your shape mapped out, you can go around the bottle the masking tape to help keep the line straight. I just went with it and did it free-hand.

Pierce a small hole in the bottle with a utility knife, and then use the scissors to cut around the bottle.

Once I finished cutting the bottle into your desired the shape, the boys put a coat of white paint as the base. Once the white paint dried, they painted it with the colors they chose.

After much talk, they decided to go with a blue dinosaur with purple spots.

Once our dinosaur dried, we used a low-heat glue gun to glue the eyes in place. Then applied to Mod Podge.

When the Mod Podge dried we put gravel on the bottom of the planter. 

Add potting soil and a simple flower.



One (1) As They Grow Up reader has a chance to win The Itchy Book Prize Pack! The prize pack includes: A copy of The Itchy Book, a dinosaur backpack and a branded back scratcher!


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