The Lost House

Featuring eye-popping colors, intricate designs, and a silly story of two grandchildren trying to get their forgetful grandpa out the door and to the playground. The Lost House by B.B. Cronin is not only beautiful for displaying, but is so much fun to read. While recommended for ages 3-7, this book is sure to delight readers of all ages with the combination of fun interactivity of I Spy with a timeless, gorgeous art style that begs to be hung on a wall.The Lost House

The children want to go to the park with Grandad, but they can’t leave until they find his lost socks…and his shoes…and even his teeth! Will they ever get out of Grandad’s busy, hodgepodge house? With a treasure trove of wonders to discover on every page, this seek-and-find book will enchant young and old alike as they search for Grandad’s lost objects.lost house2

Our thoughts:
This book is absolutely amazing! My five-year old and I have enjoyed going through this book time and time again. Each page has a different room that’s a different color. You’ll find bright colors such as magenta, blues and greens. Don’t be fooled though…some of Grandad’s things are pretty tough to find.losthouse2

You can purchase The Lost House at a local book retailer or online at stores like Amazon.


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