Timex Ironman Triathlon Fitness Tracker

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Timex Ironman Triathlon Fitness Tracker
I am still carrying the extra weight that I gained from when my son was born 2 years ago. The time has finally came that I need to get serious and lose the 25 extra pounds that have grown to love me. One motivation is that I have to be in a wedding in September. To my surprise, when the dress arrived last week, it is about a size too small. Now I am not saying that I will be able to drop all that weight as I want to get rid of it in a healthy manner. But I have started working out and walking daily.

While looking for a pedometer that could help me along in my journey, I ran across the Timex Ironman Triathlon Sleek Fitness Tracker. This watch offers everything that I was looking for in a pedometer and is so easy to you! This fitness tracker stands up to the Timex name.The watch fits perfectly on my wrist. It isn’t a big watch, which is nice but not so small that you have a hard time viewing the numbers. The pedometer part of the watch fits comfortably on whatever shorts I happen to be wearing at the time. Another great features with this watch, is that when I am not working out I can still wear it as a regular watch. So really you are getting two watches in one.

Features of the Ironman Triathlon Fitness Tracker

  • Activity information is wirelessly sent from fitness pod (transmitter) to watch
  • Tracks steps, distance, miles and calories burned
  • INDIGLO┬« night-light
  • 50-Lap memory recall with lap, split distance and pace, calories burned
  • 5 Interval Timers

Here are a few mode settings and what they do:

Recall: Recall mode is used to review workouts timed in the chronograph mode. Recall shows the laps taken during a workout, the best lap in the workout and calculates the average lap time for the workout.

Timer: The Timer is used to countdown a fixed event time. The timer can be set to repeat and countdown continuously.

Interval Timer: Timers that count down a series of fixed events. You can set up to 5 interval times along with descriptive names.

Activity: The activity mode tracks how active you are and sets step goals.


  • Automatic Selection: Once calibrated for walking, jogging and running, the Fitness Tracker is smart enough to determine which activity you are performing. This results in more accurate statistics overall.
  • Automatic POD Calibration: Automatic POD calibration is a great way to easily calibrate the POD without having to know any details about the stride length and the step rate. Minimum distance for calibration is 100 feet (or 30 meters)
  • Manual POD Calibration: Manual POPD calibration can be used to get incredibly accurate calibration. Values can be tweaked to achieve a high level of accuracy.

Alarms: Up to three alarms may be set to remind you of upcoming events.

Indiglo Night-Light: This feature illuminates the entire watch face at night and in low light conditions.


Timex Corporation is the nation’s leading watch manufacturer.

With a large and varied line of watches, Timex has the style for everyone. From the locker room to the board room, there is a great Timex style time-piece for you.


This is solely the opinion of As They Grow Up. Other people may have different experiences with the product.Thank you to Timex for providing a product to test.

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