Tips for Traveling With Baby

Summer has arrived and a lot of us are starting to head out for vacation. For the most part, it’s pretty simple to travel with kids, but traveling with the baby gets pretty hectic.  Here are 7 tips for traveling with baby that have helped us over the years.7 Tips For Traveling With A Baby

Tips for Traveling with Baby

Over the years, we have figured out that we don’t have to pack the entire house. I still remember the first trip we took with our first born. Basically I felt the need to pack everything. Not just things that were a necessary, but things that I thought we “might” need. Needless to say, that left us with very little room to move in the car.

Pick a place to stay:

When traveling with baby, I find it better to stay in an apartment style room or house when traveling with a baby. While it is possible to have a great vacation in a standard hotel room, it’s just nice to have a kitchen to wash bottles in, washer and dryer to do the tons of laundry that seems to appear and for baby to have their own space for naps/bedtime.

Make a list:

I start making a list about two weeks prior to us leaving. On packing day, I re-evaluate that list to see what is absolutely necessary. I also check off the list as I pack. It’s never fun getting three hours from home and realizing that you forgot an important item.


You have toys all around the house for baby but how much do they actually play with them? I would recommend bringing just a couple of books for bedtime stories and a couple of their absolute favorite toys that can fit in the diaper bag. In our experience, toys often go untouched while on vacation, since we stay busy.

Blanket or Mat:

With babies, it’s always nice to have a blanket or mat for the lay and roll on. I never leave the house without an activity mat like the Yookidoo® Discovery Playmat. This mat takes up minimal space for packing and offers a place where baby can enjoy floor time. This way they can have floor time and toys to play with.

Swings, Walkers, High Chairs, & Jumpers…Oh My!

All these things are awesome life-savers while we’re at home, but realistically most people don’t have room to pack them all (believe me..I’ve tried). At first, it was hard to pick a favorite. I wanted something that would keep baby happy if we were preparing a meal, or just hanging out in the room. After careful consideration, I’ve found that products like a bouncer work great. It’s small enough so that it doesn’t take up tons of room, and I can also feed the baby in it if I need to.  I’ll even admit that I have taken these little guys to the beach and the pool for baby to lounge in under the umbrella.

Bring additional clothes:

While traveling, I always pack a couple of extra changes of clothes. We have had a few accidents on the road where baby needs to have a change of clothes, so having them within reach is important.

Bath time:

I always bring our bath time essentials. Baby wash, baby rags, and towels are packed. They don’t take up a ton of room and a lot of times depending on where you stay, the towels and wash cloths aren’t very soft. That’s why I make sure to toss in a couple of our baby towels that are perfect for baby.

I hope you found the above tips helpful when it comes to your planning your next vacation with baby.

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