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My two year old is extremely active and loves playing outdoors. Even as hot as it is outside, he refuses to come in. I know I am lucky that he has always loved water, so when we had the opportunity to give WAT-AAH a try I was excited.

Once the WAT-AAH arrived, the first thing I noticed about them was their color label. What a fantastic way to get little ones to want to reach for a bottle of water over a sugar drink. My son and daughter immediately wanted to give it a try once it arrived. They knew it was water, but the label alone made them want to reach for the WAT-AHH over the regular bottled water in the fridge. Even my daughter that complains about taking water to school daily, asked to take a bottle with her lunch the next day.

Here is a little video of my sons first sip of the WAT-AAH

WAT-AAH drinking water comes in 4 varieties:

  • Bones: This is ultra purified water, bone building magnesium, absolutely no sugar
  • Brain: This is ultra purified water, kid-friendly electrolytes, absolutely no sugar
  • Body: This is pure spring water, no sodium, no chemicals, and absolutely no sugar
  • Energy: This is ultra purified water, energizing oxygen, absolutely no sugar

Stop by WAT-AAH and check out their products and where you can purchase WAT-TAA!

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This is solely the opinion of As They Grow Up. Other people may have different experiences with the product.Thank you to WAT-AAH for providing a product to test.

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