Weekly Homeschool Wrap-Up ~ Kicking Off A New School Year

First Day of School!

This was the week that we were finally able to kick-off our first full week of school for the 2017-2018 school year. After the slight set back last week, we are ready to go on Monday morning. I now officially have a 2nd and 5th grader.

Traditionally for the first day the boys get a special breakfast. To my surprise this year they wanted their usually breakfast. They are definitely creatures of habit. We also choose to have the first day a lighter load, with a few art activities thrown in. This year instead of art, they requested that we just have family game time and once again that was fine with me. I love that they share their comments and suggestions when it comes to fun activities.

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I was expecting some complaining with us moving from a light summer load to a full load, but so far they have been great about it. I would call the first week a success with just a few minor hiccups along the way.

Favorite Books:

For kicking off their first week of school, as a read aloud we are wrapping up Tom Sawyer. While we were donating books, we ended up looking through the shelves and I one written on a child’s level. It’s “The Great Classics for Children”. With having failed past attempts with reading the original Tom Sawyer, I decided to give this a try. Both my boys are now hooked! Upon completion of this, we’ll be heading into Huckelberry Finn.

Another book that Davis dove into this week and has enjoyed is “The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole.”

Other fun this week:

Additional fun this week was learning about Sounding Rockets.  Since our little town is in the path of totality, we’ve taken the opportunity to learn more about the eclipse, and this week added in Sounding Rockets. 

Our homeschool group was given the opportunity to meet with Valerie Gsell from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility.

The kids learned about Sounding Rockets and created their own water bottle rockets to launch.

Let’s not forget the food

Food stop for the week is  The Trailhead Restaurant located in Black Mountain, NC, and the food there is always outstanding!  

Luke decided to order the kids chicken strip meal with a side salad:

This was the special of the day on that particular day. It’s the Pork belly, collards and jalapeño cornbread, and sooo delicious!


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