Will Blue Orange Be Under Your Christmas Tree?

Did you know that board games actually make amazing gifts for kids? This year, our kids have asked for a number of board games and I’m loving it!  We incorporate game night (and sometimes game day) into our weekly routine and love it! There’s just something about everyone around the table, interacting and playing games.  Not only are games fun for the entire time, but for the most part, they are educational as well.

Both of my boys (ages 6 & 9) have a running wish list of games and I would say that 90% of those are Blue Orange, which means that Blue Orange will be making under our Christmas tree this year for both kids.

Recently, Blue Orange sent us two board games to test out and we have had so much fun! I’m not gonna lie, we have had a few tears because my boys are very competitive, but for the most part it’s been all laughs.

First off, the game Kaboom was the one that my boys insisted on playing first.  I’m not sure if it’s the name of the game that intrigued them, or the box cover.  Either way, it was the game that was first in line to play for the day.

Designed for ages 6 and up, this game will keep you on your toes. This game bring to the table, building and shooting, all while racing against the clock.

As the Master builder, you try to assemble your tower against the onslaught of catapults and the clock. You get 30 seconds to complete your build, all while being fired out by the saboteurs. Keep in mind, the harder the build, the more points it’s worth. Weren’t able to complete your build? No worries, you can always get the saboteurs back, because in the next round, because you become one. Remember that opponent that kept knocking your build down just as you were almost complete? Now it’s your turn to get back at them!

Up to a challenge? Try building the Mega Tower Tile in the middle.Completing that build is an automatic win of the game.

Kaboom comes with:
• 25 Small Tower Tiles
• 1 Mega Tower Tile
• 16 Wooden Tower Blocks
• 4 Wooden Catapults
• 9 Wooden Ammunition Dice
• 1 Sand Timer (30 seconds)
• 1 Sticker Sheet
• Illustrated Rules

Now obviously this game is easier for the older you are. While this game is a little harder for my recently turned six-year it, it doesn’t discourage him. As a mom, I actually love that he is determined to win. With Kaboom, they are working on their processing speed, fine motor skills, visual perception and more! With each game play of Kaboom, I can see him getting faster and better at building under pressure. However, he’ll still say, “Take it easy on me, I’m little”.

This is a game that I would highly recommend for all ages. Even my husband and I have fun playing against each other.

Next up is the Blue Orange game, Brix. This game is recommended for ages 7+, but my six-year old does a wonderful job at this game. It’s similar to the game Connect, in that you have to line up four in a row.

Players use the brightly colored blue and orange bricks to build up the wall. Keep in mine that each brick not only contains your color and symbol, but your opponents as well. So with each add of your piece, you could potentially be helping your opponent on the other side of the wall.

With the game Brix, there are three different levels of game play.  You have:

Game 1: Connecting Symbols-This is a beginner level where one player plays the X’s and the other plays the O’s. The first player to connect 4 squares wins the game.

Game 2: Connecting Colors- This is also a beginner level in which one player plays orange and other plays blue. The first player to connect 4 squares of the color wins.

Game 3: Connecting Symbols vs. Connecting Colors-This is the advanced version of the game. In this game, one player plays both colors, while the other player plays both symbols. The first to connect 4 squares of their characteristics in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line wins.

I’ll admit that the first couple of times we played this game, it wasn’t a favorite. However, the more we played it, the more fun it got. At first, it seemed that the kids were only getting their blocks like two high before someone won the game. Now, they get the stack going really good and it’s so much fun!  The advance version is a little tougher given that you have to keep in mine that you are either colors or symbols.  While a challenge for the older kids, it would be really tough on the little ones.

The game Brix is designed to help with focus & attention, spatial awareness and problem solving. This is a game that will continue to be part of our rotation for sure. As the boys get older, I have a feeling it will get more interesting for sure.

For more family friendly games, head over to Blue Orange site. They have so many to choose from, you’re sure to find one the entire family will enjoy!

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