Yookidoo® Discovery Playmat Is A Must Have For Babies

With all the products on the market it can easily become overwhelming when decided what to purchase for baby. Looking back to when I first became a mom, I admit that there were things I purchased that I could have done without, but then again there was things that I couldn’t live without at home and while traveling with baby. One product that I purchased time and time again is an activity mat. This is one baby gear that I honestly couldn’t have lived without! From tummy time to developmental play, it was in constant use.

Do I really need a playmat or activity center?

Often times I get approached by first time moms asking what baby products I’ve found most useful over the years. In reality I have a very small list of things I couldn’t live without. On the top of that list is a playmat or activity mat.Yookidoo® Discovery Playmat3

When my girls were little a playmat was something that was unheard of it, or at least it was to me. By the time our boys were born, a playmat was an essential that I couldn’t imagine living without. I went from always putting blankets down and pulling out tons of toys for tummy time and easily pulling out a playmat that had activities attached. While obviously there’s nothing wrong with pulling out the blankets and toys, when it comes to clean-up and a more engaging play, a playmat is what I prefer.

My oldest daughter and her husband recently became proud parents to very active twin boys and the one thing that I knew would be a life-saver was a playmat, and the Yookidoo® Discovery Playmat seemed to fit their needs. This playmat not only offers endless activities, but it’s one of the biggest playmats that I’ve run across. Both boys (7 months old) can fit on this playmat and still have plenty of room for tummy time, turning over and now they are starting to sit up and play with the activities.Yookidoo® Discovery Playmat

Why the Yookidoo® Discovery Playmat?

The Yookidoo® Discovery Playmat brings tons of awesome features to the table. Two things that I immediately noticed upon opening was how generously sized this playmat is, and that it offers extra padding for comfort.

Not only is this product BPA Free, Phthalate Free, Latex Free and Lead Free, but it also offers engaging textures and endless activities, such as:

• 3 fun developmental activities: Spinning, squeezing and clicking flowers which help to encourage fine motor skills

• Scrunchy petal effects that develops tactile abilities

• Inner mirrors that enhance each activity and develop self-awarenessYookidoo® Discovery Playmat 2

Overall thoughts

Overall we have been very impressed with this product. With daily use, it continues to prove itself as being extremely durable.  It’s also quick and easy to fold up for storage or for travel.  Having the ability to remove all attachments for washing has been a wonderful feature. Let’s face it, babies have accidents and when something can be easily cleaned  it’s much appreciated.  Especially when having twins.

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